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            Exporting business

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            Ganzhou aluminium Co,ltd and it’s sub-company---ganzhou H.T.aluminium import & Export co.,ltd rich exerenence over 15 years for exporting business.

            Exporting departments of Ganzhou aluminium co.,ltd and ganhzou H.T.Import and export co.,ltd are resbonsible for develpments of overseas market, exporting and exporting overseas.

            Our quality products are widely sells in midde east, korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, india, middle Euros,Netherlands, Belgium,Canada etc.and our quality and excellent service are highly appreciated overseas.


            Our company will be market-oriented,adhere to our aim of  “mutual benefit, share achivements with employees,,bear the social responsibility” actively provide high quality products and technical support,carry our pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales services to create values for customers and realize mutual-win developments

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            Add:PaiShang Road No1, High-tech industry development Zone, Ganxian district, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi Provice.