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            Ganzhou Aluminium Co.,Ltd was formerly a state-owned enterprise—  Ganzhou aluminium factory.In 2010,in line with  the needs of reform and development,it was restructured into a joint-stock private enterprise.

            Ganzhou Aluminium Co., Ltd covers an area of about 400 mu, has completed a fixed asset investment of 600 million yuan, and the main plant covers an area of about 87000 squaremeters.

            Enterprise construction according to the long-term development goal of high standard and modernization;The production supporting facilities in the plant area are complete, and it is a new modern industrial enterprise with green and environmental protection;The living facilities are complete, which can meet the dining needs of employees, customer reception, accommodation and other needs at the same time.

            Ganzhou Aluminium Co., Ltd is one of the provincial, municipal and district key construction projects. It is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state and the first batch of military civilian integration enterprises in Jiangxi Province.Have many patent technologys and software copyright;Relying on the cooperation with large professional enterprises and colleges, the company has advanced aluminum processing technology.

            Ganzhou Aluminium responses national policy to establish digital production workshop, with data acquisition, data management, data analysis for the overall architecture, PLC system and sensors are used to data acquisition,such as: collecting the melting furnace, rolling mill, cold rolling mill, grinding machine, rewinding machine, tension levering line, slitting machine and cross-cutting machine equipment’s data , and then through the industrial gateway protocol conversion, network connected to the workshop, to realize the real-time monitoring of workshop visualization; At the same time, the enterprise Intranet is established, the industrial cloud platform is deployed, the information island is broken, the data collection and big data analysis is realized, and the enterprise digital transformation is realized.Through the implementation of enterprise digitization, we can realize the information flow at all levels and improve the controllability of product quality.

            Ganzhou Aluminium take Water soluble rolling fluid for all synthetic aluminum  alloy cold rolling as the lubricant,Practice the Innovative thinking of “The first person to eat crab” in the Aluminum processing industry.And Realize high speed and high processing rate rolling,And adopted USC cooling system、BFI board control system made up in Germany greatly guarantees the good Flatness and thickness deviation on plate;Have High cleanliness、high Dyne value、Good corrosion resistance etcetera advantages.

            Aluminium alloy construction mould is a low-carbon energy-saving material popularized and applied in the country,Ganzhou aluminium currently have a certain capacity to produce such mould after many years developments.Also,we are only one enterprice to produce such products in ganzhou district.With years of aluminum processing experience, project and system construction, Ganzhou aluminum industry has established a professional、high-quality marketing team at home and abroad;Products of the company include various series of aluminum alloy aluminum strip/coil and high alloyed aluminum coil, aluminum cathode plate and aluminum pattern plate,cold drawn aluminum tube and high performance aluminum bar.The products can be widely used in national defense and military industry、aerospace,as well as packaging、printing、electronics、machinery、construction、transportation、shipping and other fields.

            Ganzhou Aluminum  adheres  to the aim of  "win to win with customers, sharing with employees, actively bear the social responsibility",does our best efforts to provide high quality products and excellent service to our customers.

            All rights reserved Ganzhou aluminium co., LTD. Technical support :Create Software Group Co.,Ltd.

            Add:PaiShang Road No1, High-tech industry development Zone, Ganxian district, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi Provice.